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Shinobi Saga
Shinobi Saga
Shinobi Saga
Shinobi Saga
Shinobi Saga

คำอธิบาย Shinobi Saga

Prepare yourself for a journey and play with millions of other Ninjas in Shinobi Saga! Explore the Ninja world and unite in the real Ninja gaming experience.
Level your Ninjas, recruit thousands of great Ninjas, learn their skills and be the strongest among them!

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Game Features

Summon Beasts
Train 10 of the strongest wild beasts as pets to help you in battles. Every pet has different characteristics and attributes. Those who have the strongest pets are the strongest ninjas!

Recruit Ninjas
The best ninjas are ready to help you in every battle! Each of them has different characteristics and abilities.
Recruit them as your partners to attack, defend, or act as medical ninjas.

Shinobi Evolution
Through various special trainings, you can upgrade your ninja partners! Upgrade your partners to see their true prowess. As a true ninja, you possess unlimited power!

Daily Quests and Events
You won't get bored as you'll be overwhelmed with daily events and quests as well as various interesting features.
Lead your guild, defeat the World Boss, strengthen your weapons, train your ninja partners and be the strongest in Shinobi Saga!

Boss Battle
Triumph over the strongest opponent that's been attacking Ninja Village. Fight along with thousands of other ninjas to kill World Boss. Nothing is impossible if you fight together! Get ready!


Minimum phone specification to play Shinobi Saga
Smartphone with 1 GB RAM
480 x 800 screen resolution


ข้อมูล Shinobi Saga APK

  • com.dwarftechnology.android.shinobisaga
  • 2.30.060
  • Android 2.2 หรือสูงกว่า
  • Role-playing
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