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Musikplayer is FREE, mobile application where it will guide you easily to find all the music in your phone. Not only finding it but music player will pre-arrange them in an easily accessible albums. Make this “audio rocker “a part of your device and you will be only one click away from playing all your audios. Supporting all types of audio formats with simple and friendly interface.
If rocking your world with music is your motto then this songs player with these features will make you to “move it move it “!!!!
This app is here with the ability to play all your music in your mobile all the mp3 songs, all the other formats can be played in it. Download this free music player for fun, to enjoy the mp3 songs anywhere. It can perform with mobile speakers and any device attached just plug in the speakers and there you go all the sounds will start to play. this player have a unique display with all the features of play , pause , previous , forward to enhance its beauty it has user friendly ,eye catching display with options of adding folders , playlists and even delete the songs from your sd card . You can make your favorite playlist and songs are pre divided into respected playlists depending upon the artists, singers, composers, albums and many other attributes.
It has many features that most music apps do lack. Hear them and do enjoy them and sing them like you are a real singer. Your mobile device can be having a lot of records anywhere in its memory and your recordings and your whatsapp audio, viber audio and much more, this Musikplayer will find them and play them on simple click in a sequential manner.
This is a music player for android, and it will be a music downloader as soon as you download your music and play it. It has privileges over your SD card it can arrange data in it, delete it all you want to do with you android device is to have arranged and managed audio devices in respected playlists and audio folders. Your music share app is all ready to be your cache music it is the container of music and mp3 songs and recordings and audio.
Add music in it, and cache music player will have the best performance. It is the best music browser of 2015 and will be providing its best in future Music and audio playing and cache music must be fast not lagging behind, musik player will do the best even if the file size is too much to handle by other audio and sound players. So enjoy this best player FREE of cost, download it and enjoy.
Making it more interesting, updated it to a newer level with new look, best graphics and visualizer that is hypnotizing. The visual effects make this music player more interesting and attractive. Moreover it is loaded with amazing equalizer. It is now the DJ of your music world. With all its fun and amazing features the music player is now rocking in the top music player list. The visualizer and equalizer is just amazing.


Search, play and ENJOY them.
Shuffle, replay and repeat them.
You like any? Then mark your favorite ones and keep them for occasions, in albums.
You are the chooser of your songs if don’t like them, delete them, from SD Card too.
Customize your albums and folders keeping the saddles of your audio world in your hands.
Recordings, whatsapp audio, viber audio all can be played.


Better graphics and Sound quality
Minor bugs removed


ข้อมูล Music Player APK

  • itcatoo.audioplayer
  • 1.5
  • Android 2.2 หรือสูงกว่า
  • Music-video
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