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King Of Fighter 99
King Of Fighter 99
King Of Fighter 99
King Of Fighter 99
King Of Fighter 99

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 1999 world martial arts event still held as scheduled, held this year to the king of fighters, fighter in the world to send an invitation, but is different with the previous, the reaction is not strong, and the General Assembly trial the new rules, forms of battle is still 3 on 3, but the Congress "intervene forms of fighting".

This is the party's request, that is, to join a competitor. Never heard of the "helper battle" fighters to clarify held off the opposite. What is the aid model? What's the inside story of the conference? Is full of mysteries of the king of the tournament is about to lift the wind and rain!
This conference is organized by the mysterious organization leader coulee Charlie degree, he, through the general assembly, collected around the combat home data and trying to clone it, in an attempt to control the world, he mistakenly think that K is a clone of himself, but he absolutely did not think of, he is k replicas, Coulee Charlie degree after being defeated by the K, was cloned zero announced the execution of, oneself also is wiped the memories are, in fact, his memory is a copy, good sad reminders of the outcome. Protagonist Qiu suffering deep life experience, open the plug-in skill, responsible for gag teammate, weak to burst the villain, Bravo justified, I actually speechless!


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  • world.baidu.m.kof99
  • 3.0
  • Android หรือสูงกว่า
  • Action
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