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    剑侠情缘-原班人马打造 Efun独家新马版


    Android Market
剑侠情缘-原班人马打造 Efun独家新马版
剑侠情缘-原班人马打造 Efun独家新马版
剑侠情缘-原班人马打造 Efun独家新马版
剑侠情缘-原班人马打造 Efun独家新马版
剑侠情缘-原班人马打造 Efun独家新马版

คำอธิบาย 剑侠情缘-原班人马打造 Efun独家新马版

This is not only a mobile game but also the memory of million people. Forging by renowned game company, we are bringing you one of the hottest classical serial martial art social MMORPG now. With Superb 3D graphics and cool skill effects you will experience the ultimate combat system. Variety clan features can help you earn reputation and gold in the Martial world.

Eight Masters
Eight different Martial Master can be chosen and each single master has a counter in the game and it is up to each player to try and utilize the weaknesses in their opponents build to their advantage.

Clan First
In this game, what’s the most important? Clan first! Joining a reliable clan can help you play like a duck to water. Lots of gold, equipments and mounts awaits you in your clan! Fight for your clan, we are family!

Make your character stronger by your great effort. To be the best in your Master, Clan or the server! The ultimate combat system take you to the real battlefield against the thousands of players. Trust me, you will have more and more brothers also foes in our Martial world.
CS Email:Efunjxqy_CS@efun.com

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  • com.efun.jxqy.sm
  • 1.1.1
  • Android 2.2 หรือสูงกว่า
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